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Hello guys if you are an owner or representative of Hotel, Restaurants, Attractions, Resources, Bars, picnic spot, tours place, travels advice, you can add your information here for our worldwide travels consumers.

Aren’t you an owner? No problems! Still you can add your travels experience to our web site if the information is correct. Our big networks of travelers/tourist around the world can make a choice of your place, and you may get there review return for your future business, the tourist around the world can make you happy by your given information of our network.

So take an advantage of completely free listings on 7toursbd

Why should your Business be listed?

  • Get in touch with worldwide travel consumers
  • Come into view on the top travel sites on the web world
  • Distribute your communication at just the right time
  • Introduce your travel products and services to our qualified travel buyers.
  • With our stylish search knowledge, 7toursbd can help you reach consumers when they will be researching your location.
  • it’s free for life times in our website,

Kinds of listing

  • Adventure Tours
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Bar
  • Car Rental
  • Festival and Event
  • Food and Drink
  • General Listing
  • Hospital/Doctor
  • Hotels/Motel/Resort
  • Shops

Rules of Listing

  • The given information should be unique,
  • The information should be maintain minimum 5 point as below
    • Make the categories as Hotel, Restaurants, attractions, resources, bars etc,
    • Mention the properties name
    • Owners Name
    • Contract information with phone & E-mail
    • Properties descriptions
    • Facilities Details
    • Cost of details
    • In & out Details
  1. At least one latest picture, if more that would be great, the picture should not adult or any others harmful against of country act/law,
  2. No information can be add what against of country activities

How to Listing

To do the free listing with 7toursbd you are most welcome to visit our listing page here, further our editor will take the rest actually if we want.

Duration of Listing published

The information what we collect from you, will publish within 03 working days.

7toursbd reserves the right to change these policies at any time and to decline or take away any listing for any cause,