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7toursbd is a worldwide free travel directory and travel blog, from 2012 we are trying to help worldwide traveler to give accurate travel guides with update data, as the trend are changing every day and improve technology day by day we are trying to fit our self with update, still there are too much lack, as our resource is limited, so your small contribution can make a big impact to travel community.

Become Contributor on 7toursbd free travel directory and travel blog is so simple,

Below is few area where you can contribute

Make a correction in running article with update data.

So simple, read a post on 7toursbd and see all the week point on that article, make a simple choice what need to improve, update us with correct data with you reading post link, within one working day we will make the correction, and will publish your name on post as a contributor.

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Share your travel experience with our audience

As a free travel directory and travel blog we always wish you write a guest post, share your travel experience about travel destinations, write latest travel news, give a better travel guide, share travel transport information, share your area’s festival and event, travel interest’s area, adventure travel, beaches, Food and drink information, Wildlife and nature around you.

Your experience will publish to help millions of travelers in the world on behalf of you.

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Contribute your 10 minutes from busy life to help millions of travelers in the world.

Make a travel listing near by you

7toursbd is a worldwide free travel directory and travel blog so you can add any travel business or travel interest area nearby you, make a trend how and why your area is the best to travel, is important to improve your micro economies to bring traveler to village,

To do this you have to highlight why your village is best to visit, sometime your area is famous for fish, peoples want to buy fresh fish they will come if they know the reality, same for vegetable’s or milk anything else you know very well, just highlight, we believe we can change the trend to #travel-my-village.

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To add travels on 7toursbd simply login to your account,

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