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Travel Destinations In Thailand – Koh Tao Island

Koh Tao Island, also known as the Turtle Island is a scenic island located near the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It is known as the Turtle Island as it used to be a breeding place for sea turtles many years ago. These days, there are no sea turtles here because they have moved to other breeding sites. The island is a great destination for all sorts of activities. While many activities on the island revolve around the sea, there many other activities to entertain you such as yoga, rock climbing and Thai boxing. Here are a few things to see and do on the island.

Koh Tao Island


Diving is the island’s tourism mainstay. The Koh Tao Island is amongst world’s most popular places to learn diving. Warm, clear, tranquil waters ensure that new diver’s first experience will be a tranquil and an unforgettable one. The most popular diving sites, including Sail Rock and Southwest Pinnacle are a few kilometers from the Koh Tao Island, where different species of fish gather in larger numbers. Other diving sites are a few kilometers away and provide great training and fun diving as well.

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Kayaking is an easy way to get around the island. A half day trip from Koh Tao can take you to around the island and back. If you want to experience the island’s uniqueness to the fullest, take a full day trip. Kayaks can be leased for about 100 to 150 baht per hour or 500 to 800 baht a day. Be sure to check the condition of the kayak before you start kayaking.


While Koh Tao is baby-sized as compared to Koh Samui Island, its hilly landscape provides excellent opportunities for exploring. A good idea is to begin very early in the morning and take enough water. Don’t underrate the distances involved, your guidebook may say it is possible to walk on foot around the island in a single day, but you’ll probably have had enough already after a 3 hour trip along the coast trail.


Fishing is an excellent activity to do on your vacation. The island offers excellent opportunities for fishing in deep waters. If you would like to go out fishing, there are several options. You can either lease a long-tail boat that comes with the fishing equipment or you can go on an organized jaunt with other people.

Koh Tao Leisure Park

If you have kids or just looking for something different, Koh Tao Leisure Park cannot disappoint. There are many things to do here. Most people come here for mini golf. It is only 150 baht for limitless playing around a well-thought out and fun course. You can either play seriously or play spin-the-wheel fun version.

Getting to Koh Tao

Koh Tao is located approximately 700 km south of Bangkok. There are numerous options to get to the island from the capital city. The cheapest option is by train or bus to Chumphon and then a ferry to Koh Tao. If you are in Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Ang Thong Marine Park, the most convenient option is a Samui ferry.

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