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The Traveler’s Delight for Visiting Nepal

Pokhara Valley, Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu City, the Traveler’s Delight Nepal, Nepal tours, Nepal travels, Nepal tourist

Traveler’s Delight for Nepal placed between India and Tibet has had some mysticism attached to it as it has consumed some of the Indian and a bit of Tibetan culture into it. The structure of houses, beautiful scenery, temples with pagoda roof, row of mountains and electrifying street life is bound to attract one and all. It actually is any traveler’s delight to visit and enjoy the beauty of this serene and tranquil place. I would personally recommend you to keep this place in your itinerary as the visit will give you welcome change from your monotonous life and will keep you refreshed. There are some places you must visit while you are on a trip to Nepal. I will brief you about some of them.

Pokhara Valley, Bhaktapur, Dhulikhel, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu City, the Traveler’s Delight Nepal, Nepal tours, Nepal travels, Nepal touristKathmandu City: Being the capital of Nepal Kathmandu is considered to be the cultural and economic hub. It is also called Kantipur. This place is famous for temples and Buddhist stupas. Here you can visit Temple of the living Goddess where you can offer pray from the balcony (Kathmandu) also the source from where the name Kathmandu came into being. While on a visit to Kathmandu do visit the Durbar Square. You can visit this place on any weekday.

Pashupatinath: Located 5 kilometers north east for Kathmandu, amidst the greenery and on the bank of Bagmati river, Pashupatinath is considered to be the most sacred Shiva temple of the place. It is flocked huge number of devotees all throughout the year, especially during Shivratri. The unique thing about this temple is that it is built in pagoda style and has silver doors. Earlier Non- Hindus were not allowed to enter the temple but with time this rule has changed.

Dhulikhel: Situated 32 kilometer from Kathmandu and approximately 1600 meter above sea level, you can wonderful view of Himalayan ranges from Dhulikhel. People generally visit here to view and capture the sunrise and sunset.

Pokhara Valley: Considered to be the adventure capital of Nepal, Pokhara is surrounded by Himalayan and Annapurna range which makes it a scenic beauty. If you are interested in trekking you must surely visit this place which marks the starting point of trekking in Nepal.

Bhaktapur: As the name suggests the place is called the city of devotees. The beauty of this place can be assumed from the fact that it is made in the shape of a conch shell. Here you can also visit various temples built in pagoda style which is based on five terraces and on each terrace there is a figure of elephants, lion, powerful men, goddesses etc.

A place for traveler’s delight that will satiate your hunger for adventure, Nepal has much more to offer. By searching online about Group travel services you can visit the place with a minimum budget as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go explore the place and treasure memories. Wishing you a happy journey.


Akash Mahamud

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