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Brilliant Tips for Surviving Solo Travel!

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Travel independently and that too for the first time comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. While the experience definitely seems exciting and full of adventures, one also does feels a little intimidated. Here is a list of some amazing tips which will ensure that you have a roller-coaster journey:

  • Pick your destination carefully
  • Since this is going to be your first solo trip, you don’t want to travel a place which is famous for its high crime rate. This is why it is essential that you do your homework online. Research thoroughly and read top lists on which are the safest cities and countries in the world. Then boil it down to the one place you want to travel to. Go through genuine travel communities where people list down their share of experiences which can help you gain further insights about the place you would be travelling to.
  • Make bookings from a reliable sourceTips for Surviving Solo Travel, travel tips, 7toursbd, toursbd, Solo Travel, Solo Travel Tips, Tips for Going Solo, how to travel solo, solo trip
  • Making bookings after reading about a lucrative offer online might be tempting but be wary of doing it. Many offers and deals posted today are unchecked and only a scam. In a bid of saving a few bucks, you might just end up falling prey to a fraud company. So ensure that you book your flight and hotels from a trusted source like Goibibo, makemytrip, RedBus and yatra. You can find numerous options here as per your budget. Top it with the amazing redbus coupons present on which will fetch you discounts and cashback.
  • Keep your family in loophole
  • It’s not an option but in fact mandatory that you keep your family informed about your whereabouts. You don’t have to pick your phone every time to inform them as to where you are and what you are eating. All you have to do is drop them a message as to where you are going next and with whom. The information can be real handy for them in case of any misfortunate experience. And above all, deep down you will feel secure knowing they know where you are.
  • Make use of travel gadgets
  • With the invention of so many cool gadgets, it would be foolish on your part to not get benefitted from them. Take for example noise cancelling headphones which are a must have if you want a nice sleep while travelling and want to block the background noise. In fact, you can put on them anywhere you feel disturbed by loud noise and just carry on with what you are doing.
  • Don’t exhaust yourself a lot
  • Sure! It’s fun to hire a car or scooter in a new city to explore it on your own terms. But be careful of tiredness signs else you might just spoil your whole trip because you didn’t took the required amount of rest. On days when you feel tired to drive on your own, just hire a cab at discounted prices by using Uber coupons present on and have a safe and comfortable ride. Also take care that you don’t schedule of a lot of activities in a single day if you can’t handle it.
  • Be curious
  • Your curiosity will take you a long way. You will end up finding about a lot of undiscovered things which will only add to your knowledge. Strike up conversation with strangers who seem friendly too you. Who knows that you might just get some new real friends! Many strangers are happy to revert back and make a conversation.

Hope these tips prove immensely beneficial to you for your first solo trip.


Akash Mahamud

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