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Sundarban Tours image Khulna, Bangladesh

Sundarban image

Sundarban Tours image in Bangladesh
The Sundarbans is a natural region in southern Bangladesh and the extreme southern part of the Indian state of West Bengal in the vast river delta on the Bay of Bengal. It South, East and West are three protected forests in Bangladesh. It is the largest single block of tidal mangrove forest in the world. This region is deeply covered by mangrove forests and It is the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger. The Sundarbans covers approximately 10,000 square kilometers most of which is in Bangladesh with the remainder in India

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Bandarban Golden temple Bangladesh

About Buddha Dhatu Jadi or Bandarban Golden temple; Bandarban Golden temple the actual name is The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is a Theravada Buddhist temple. Locally the template known in local language as kyang, this is the principal Theravada Buddhist Temple with the second largest Buddha statue...

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Sangu River Thanchi, Bandarban

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Sangu River is a name of famous river in Bandarban, Bangladesh; it's a complete natural beauty part in Bandarban. This river under Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district, The Sangu gas field is situated about 50km southwest of Chittagong and stands at a depth of 10...

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Boga Lake Bandarban Bangladesh Tours

Boga Lake Bandarban Bangladesh

Do you know which one is the highest natural Boga Lake Bandarban Bangladesh? It Boga Lake Bandarban Bangladesh, Its 1200 feet high from sea label & 18 kilometer distance from Ruma Thana with blue color water. The water shades of the lake vary at dissimilar times at a day depending upon the sun light, humidity and clouds. It’s an unbelievable charming view in the world in Boga lack,

Nilachal Bandarban Tours Chittagong Bangladesh

About Nilachal Bandarban Tours
Nilachal Bandarban Tours!!! It’s a sensation of paradise, an imaging charming beautiful place in Bandarban district of Bangladesh, You may not like to go Darjeeling if you are in Nilachal, and Nilachal is the Darjeeling for Bangladeshi. It’s near 2000 fit higher from ground, and 06 kilometers from distance from Bandarban town. From Nilachal Hill you can see Bandarban city in a momentary look. Nilachal will be more charming from Nilgiri, & Meghla

Meghla Tours Bandarban Bangladesh

Meghla Tours is a beautiful charming place in Bandarban district. Its nearly 04 kilometers distance from Bandarban, by auto rishksha or Jeep you can go easily go Meghla Tours.  Mainly this is a peoples make beautiful lake & there is ZOO. There is Parjatan motel which features a mini-safari-park, a zoo, boat journey, a hanging bridge and at the bottom of the hills. In Meghla Tours no arrangements for heavy foods only light foods like snacks, but you may have two restaurants with Chinese and Continental food out site of Meghla name Holiday Inn resort and Parjatan Motel.

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