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A Different Way To See Russia

Russia is one of those countries that can be daunting to visit, due to its sheer vastness, an indecipherable language (well, for most) and the cultural divide, which brings up timidity in most seasoned travellers. This could have something to do with a Russia being...

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Safipur Ansar Academy

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[caption id="attachment_2249" align="alignleft" width="471"] Safipur Ansar Academy[/caption] Safipur Ansar Academy is a best famous picnic spot in Gazipur city-corporation, This a training center of Bangladesh Ansar force, The academy on 50 kilometer away from Dhaka city & nearly 10/15 kilometer away from Gazipur main city. You...

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Golden Temple, Bandarban

On the 15th August we were in Bandarban to see the Natural Hill district, Golden temple is the one of the most import location to visit. From Bandarban O point its only 4/5 Kilometers distance & we have gone the place by Ricksha, after crossing...

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Dhaka Tours Information.

Day tours Sonargaon

Near About 5 core people living home is Dhaka Tours with near about 850 squire kilometer area capital city of Bangladesh. Three wheeled rickshaws is the local famous transport for short distance. Remarkable area Dhaka tours [caption id="attachment_912" align="alignleft" width="150"] National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh.[/caption] A great figure of...

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