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World Heritage Site Women Free Island in Japan


Women free Island in Japan, name of the Okinoshima a small Island located at the coast of mainland Japan. Now the Island is world heritage site in Japan. On 09 July, 2017, UNESCO announced the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as part of...

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Halud Vihar, Historical place in Naogaon

halud vihar

Halud Vihar is an archaeological site.A notable historical place in the name of the Department of Bangladesh's Estate of Halud Vihar. It is located about 11-12 km south-west of Sompur Bihar and 50 km northwest of Mahasthangarh in dweepganj village under Bilalbashi union under Badolgachhi...

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Victoria Park, Bahadur Shah Park in Dhaka

Bahadur Shah Park

Bahadur Shah Park is formally known as Victoria Park. It is located at Laksmibazar in Old Dhaka. On 17 February 1885, The memory of Khwaja Nawab Sir Salimullah's eldest son Nawabzada Khwaja Hafizullah, a monument was set up in front of present Jagannath University and...

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Monpura Island Bhola, Bangladesh

monpura island

Bhola is the largest island district in Bangladesh. Monpura Island is separated to main Terrain from Bhola district. The natural beauty of monpura Island is really so charming. Monpura surrounded by green vegetation in the river of Meghna. It has a vast river, surrounded by...

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Patenga Sea Beach Chittagong, Bangladesh

patenga sea beach

Patenga Sea Beach is a beautiful sunset viewing spot near to Chittagong city. The Beach is very popular for sunset and sunrise watching. The beach combined both nature and the port amenities at the same time. It is quite a sandy sea beach. It is...

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