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The Top 5 Longest Flights by Distance & Time

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longest flightsSingapore Airlines stopped the longest flights in the world earlier this year, at a whopping 19 hour service. If the length of the flight doesn’t faze you, the cost might set you back a fair amount…the last list price of this business class only flight came in at around $12,000!

Now that this service has ceased, there are still a number of flights around the world boasting a mammoth journey for the traveller.

If you can’t afford the luxury of business class on these flights you do have the option to scale down. Just ensure you bring a good book, perhaps a tablet device and definitely a comfortable pillow!

For those of you who aren’t keen flyers, you might want to think of taking one or two stopovers to get you through!

The longest flights currently, by time, is the Johannesburg to Atlanta at almost 17 hours. However, by distance, the longest flights is actually the Sydney to Dallas flight at 13,804 kilometres.

Check out the infographic below for the top 5 longest flights by distance and time…

This infographic was created by Flight Centre Limited

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