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Saint Martin Tours Guide


Saint Martin Tours Guide: Dear visitor before going to Saint Martin pls make sure below equipment with you.

saint martin tours guide

  1. Torch Light is the most importance tools to carry as because the Island still with out power. Night times with out torch light it will be quite difficult to make you travels in beach at night. And most of the hotel motel are using generator at night up to 10.00 PM, after 10.00 PM you should need you own light to run.
  2. Soft shoes/ Keds are an essential part of that as Saint Martin Island is fully coral beach & Chera Dip too, soft shoes will be helping you to walk on the beach specially in Chera Dip
  3. Be careful in specially Chera Dip for swimming, the water is too blue and clean but have coral under the water; you will be love to swimming in this water but a quite safe from coral.
  4. Make arrangements for mosquito net or any aerosol for night stay, tell your hotel managers to support on this regards.
  5. Make price fixed before your meal on hotel there is option to make a bargaining on food cost & choice.
  6. Make your hotel booking in advance for peak hours off peak hours you can choice hotel instantly. Here you can make bargaining save cost.
  7. There is so many dog, keep a distance from dog.
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