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Relish the Deviant Culture of India in Puri

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Exploring the highly revered temple of Lord Jagannath, relishing the ancient Odissi dance, touring the old and narrow lanes running through the city, spending some tranquil time in the golden beach, and relishing the sumptuous food are all part of Puri vacation. Home to a plethora of tourist attractions the city is one of the best destinations to visit.Puri

One of the biggest draws of Orissa is Puri, which is a holy city that is set on the eastern coastline of India and where religious is celebrated like there is no other aspect of the city. It is a can’t-miss destination on your tour through the most sacred pilgrimages in India. As per the ancient Hindu scriptures, visiting the city is considered to be a-must if you want to attain Moksha.

It is one of the chief destinations of Orissa tourism and depicts the state’s religious facet. It is one of the three major destinations that form the Golden Triangle circuit of Orissa tourism; the other two being Bhubaneswar (the state’s capital) and Konark, which is a historic city just a few hours’ drive away from Puri. Described as one the most cardinal Hindu pilgrimages in the world, the city are particularly famous of its close affair with Lord Jagannath, who is the Lord of Universe, which is Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu.

It is thus the most number of people living here are basically Vaishnavites, though there are several other highly sacred temples of other Hindu gods as well as goddesses, who are ardently followed by the locals. The place is also famous as being home to one of the four highly cardinal institutions that were established by Adi Shankaracharya; the one in Puri is called Govardhan Matha and indeed worth visiting.

Apart from that one of the chief reasons for the large concentration of people here is that the place plays host to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, where can halt to take a pleasant break from the monotonous daily life and spend some time being lazy and relishing the serenity that resides here.

For long the city has fascinated travellers from across the globe. The world famous Rath Yatra, which starts from the premise of the Jagannath Puri temple and ends at Gundicha Temple, the maternal home Lord Krishna, is a gala of festivity and spirituality that attracts the attention of large swarms of pilgrims from far and wide.

The prime deity, Lord Krishna along with Devi Subhadra, and Lord Balarama enjoy a comprehensive ride through the city as the large swarms of devotees pull the three huge chariots housing the idols of the gods and the goddess. There is generally a horde of pilgrims to grab a hold of the massive ropes, because it is conceived that if you managed to pull even one out of the three chariots the sins that you have committed through your entire lifetime will be washed off.

Visiting the city is like stepping into a magical city. The essence of spirituality and peace sits on every corner and every nook. Even there are hotels in Puri that are highly accustomed to the religious guests that today, they have come with settings that simply aids in making the journey a wholesome religious experience.

The tourist attractions that you are expected to visit include: golden beach, Jagannath Temple, Sun Temple, Chilika Lake, Gundicha Temple, Baliharachandi, Satapara, Mausi Ma Temple, Manik Ratna, Sudarshan Craft Museum, etc.



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