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10 Popular Places for Visiting in the World

Popular Places Paro Valley, Bhutan

Just as the thrill of going to the world’s most popular places, finding the unpopular beauty in the world feels good too. There are a lot of very amazing places that you probably never knew about. Here are the top 10 out of these:

  1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Paro Valley, BhutanParo Valley, Bhutan

This temple was built to protect the meditation site of a buddhist leader, Guru Pramasambhava. It is a place worth visiting. Built on the edge of a mountain stands this Buddhist holy site since 17th century as if it was made just a few years back.

  1. Aescher, Switzerland

A place for the adventurers and nature lovers, this is a mountain range in switzerland that a very few people know about. The Aescher Hotel is located on a cliff of a mountain and it holds an amazing experience for tourists to have.

  1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Many people do not know about the antelope canyon which was created by the rivers and streams flowing through and corroding the sandstones. We find it more interesting than even the Great canyon.

4.Pamukkale, Turkey.

The plateaus of pamukkale filled with deep blue waters and a chalky white appearance due to limestone deposits give this popular places heavenly touch. The sunset here is like no where else in the world.

  1. Chefchaouen, Morocco

This village is known for its blue painted walls and houses. It has a very soothing effect on the nerves and it can be a perfect holiday to enjoy.

  1. Huacachina, Peruvian Desert.

Build on an oasis, this is a small village that is unbelievably beautiful piece of nature in a barren desert. You can go for desert safari or experience watching a beautiful sun rise after a night full of stars you could never see in the city lights.

  1. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

First opened in 1949 this is the oldest national park in Southwest europe. With the lakes and waterfalls of turquoise water, it looks like a place out of this world and not just europe.

  1. The Bastei Bridge, Germany

It is one of its own kind historic bridge in the sandstone mountains of Elbe, Germany. It is unbelievable how such an amazing piece of work is still lacking the popularity it deserves. You will never regret going to this place and watching the fog roll over.
9. Hotel Moulin de Roc, France

An old windmill turned into a lush green and beautiful hotel on the banks of a river. This is a place worth paying a visit at least once in your life.

10.Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
This spectacular popular places on the edge of Buna river is simply out of dreams. Built on the edge of mountain to one side and the Buna river bank on the other, it is a work of art and imagination put together to make Blagaj

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