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Tourist Planning Trip to Visiting Kentucky

Plan your trip to Kentucky

Tourist Planning TripWhen going to Kentucky there is a few Tourist Planning Trip you need to do and remember. We have compiled an extensive list to assist you when planning your trip to Kentucky. We have searched for the best sights and food experiences that are available for you, but there is so much more that we cannot even begin to mention them all.
Before leaving home
§ Make sure you have made all the necessary bookings for hotels or other forms of accommodation. Transport from the airplane or rental motors.
§ Confirm you plane ticket booking, date and time and also arrival information.
§ Ensure that all animals and property are cared for while you are away.
§ Plan where you want to go and what sights you would like to visit while in Kentucky.
Upon arrival
§ Once your plane lands in Kentucky have all the needed documents at hand.
§ Be sure to collect all your baggage before heading out.
§ It is a good idea not to have anything planed for your first day, so you can unwind before embarking on your spectacular experience.
§ Visit the Red River Gorge and enjoy the stunning view and relaxing atmosphere.
§ Learn more about Mary Todd Lincoln by visiting her house in Lexington.
§ If you have a passion for Corvette’s the Corvette Museum is a definite stop to make.
§ Experience the perfect sunrise from the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.
§ The largest man-made reservoir is the ideal place to go fishing, skiing or just to spend some quality time relaxing.
§ If you are a music lover you have to go down Kentucky’s Music Country Highway. See the countryside and know why it has made such an impact on the lives of singers like as Billy Ray Cyrus, Loretta Lynn, and Ricky Skaggs.
§ Discover all there is to know about coal mining. Pop in at Lynch or Benham for a rich history and enlightening experience.
Taste Experiences
§ Try Ale-8-One for an original Kentucky soda taste.
§ If you are in Kentucky during the month of August, be sure Tourist Planning Trip to stop in Graves Country for a barbecue taste sensation.
§ For a bourbon taste thrill go visit the Bourbon trail.
§ Stop at one of the many Microbreweries for a taste that will prickle your taste buds.
§ Try some of the exquisite food at O’Donnell’s Pub and Eatery while on vacation.

Kentucky is filled with some of the most astonishing nature scenes and is always bubbling with excitement. Experience on Tourist Planning Trip one of the many festivals which they hold every year, The Kentucky Derby, The World Chicken Festival or even the International B-Q Festival. There are many museums to see, outdoor activities, rafting, sports and so much more to do, you will never be bored. Go on one of 17 farm tours and conquer your dreams. Ride horses, see the buffalo, botanical gardens and visit the craft distilleries. Take the whole family along and share the pleasure with the kids. Take a ghost tour or visit one of the magnificent amusement parks. You can use your Australian visa all over Kentucky, which gives you more time to spend on getting everything done and visiting all of Kentucky.



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