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Weekend vacation Patna

Patna is one of the oldest and ancient cities located in the state of Bihar, India with a history that ages back to 500BC. Banked on the shores of the three most spiritual rivers in India namely the Ganga, Sone and Poonpun today a fast developing city.

weekend vacation Patna

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Plan a weekend vacation Patna and get lost in this city of extravagant and historical highlights. As per legendary beliefs, this city was blessed by Buddha to be a realm for ancient kings to establish an empire. This city has footprints of the greatest emperors in India and is part of the Blue Family of Cities. With the 3 most spiritual rivers in India to bless this land, several historical saints have used this city to preach and attain divinity.

Patna was named “Pataliputra” in the ancient times and was the capital of the Maurya and Gupta Empires. Patna today is one of the fastest developing cities in India with various industries being set up and the quality of living enriched with restaurants serving traditional and mouth-watering delicacies and shopping malls and theaters for recreation.

You can plan your weekend vacation Patna with several mediums of commutation. You can reach this traditional city by flight with major air liners offering flight services every day. The Patna Airport is a domestic airport that connects to major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

You can also route your trip on a train or car and enjoy an amazing view as you pass along with a rich landscape. During your planned weekend vacation Patna, you can rent a car facilitated by local rental companies and you can plan your stay in affordable quality hotels. Patna is also home to the Patna Golf Club with challenging holes and a mowed golf course and beautiful landscape. If you are a nature lover and want to get lost in a world of spirituality, you can attain divinity and cleanse your aurora by taking a boat-ride in the Ganges River.

Listed below are the most common tourist spots in Patna visited by several local and foreign tourists:

1) The Patna Museum – With over 50,000 replicas and relics most of which are related to the ancient, middle ages and the British era this historical museum is also home to the Holy Relic Casket that contains the sacred ashes of Lord Buddha.

2) The Patna Zoo– The Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Garden is a famous zoo in India with a rich landscape and well-preserved wildlife.

3) The Buddha Memorial Park – Located near the Patna railway station, this enchanting park is a place to find the inner peace. With a Stupa and a Meditation Ground, this park is also blessed with the sacred ashes of the Buddha.

4) Vaishali Stupa–Recognized as the world’s oldest republic is home to one of the oldest Stupas.

Listed above are just a few famous tourist spots you can visit when you’re planning a weekend vacation Patna. There are several famous attractions enriched with cultural and traditional values which worth every second of your stay!

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