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Patenga Sea Beach Chittagong, Bangladesh

patenga sea beach

Patenga Sea Beach is a beautiful sunset viewing spot near to Chittagong city. The Beach is very popular for sunset and sunrise watching. The beach combined both nature and the port amenities at the same time. It is quite a sandy sea beach. It is situated the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. The sea beach only 14 kilometers distance on a south of the port city of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Patenga Sea Beach is a most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. The beach is very near to the Bangladesh Naval Academy of Bangladesh Navy and Shah Amanat International Airport. You can enjoy the river cruise on the Karnaphuli river or a boat trip into the ocean waves. The beach area is covered by some square sized concretes that also create this beach singular and nice sight watching from another sea beaches. You can complete your kitty marketing from the beach side market also Can buy lots of interesting Burmese accessories such as jeweler items etc. You can enjoy another small sea beach about 16 Km distance from this beach called Fouzdarhat sea beach. It is a unique place for the picnic.

Patenga sea beach

Patenga sea beach

At Present, alcohol peddling is very ordinary at the Patenga beach. A seller of the city sells their cold drinks, ice creams, and food to the hundreds of tourists who come to visit the Sea Beach. According to the native people, Patenga is the best place for getting delicious, mouth-watering street food at a very low price. One of the popular food menus of the food stands is the grilled, garnished with cucumber and onion. The beach has an amazing cool atmosphere even in the evening, people come to enjoy the cool breeze. The beach is lined with large shady palm trees and fishing boats. It also has a layout of speed boats for visitors.

If you want to go there. Don’t think else. Patenga sea beach is the cheapest destinations tourist place in Bangladesh.

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