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Nepal tours cost from Bangladesh

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nepal toursHi Guys
Want go Nepal for trips? Think about cost for living and eating, the below information may be help you to make a budget, Nepal tours from Bangladesh some times are very difficult, but it’s easy if you knows money & costs matters. , Trekking in Nepal not must more costly what normally we think. Nepal tours and travels cost a little bit have given below. The cost what given here without flight, if you want you may make a Nepal tour from Bangladesh by road, first go to Darjeeling from Bangladesh then Nepal, it’s easy to safe air cost.

Living cost
Minimum BDT-1500.00 to BDT-8000.00 per night cost for living in Nepal,
If you want to live in a budget can get a living area in a cost around BDT 500.00 to 1000.00 also. The is a lot of independent village inn or teahouse where cost around same.

Food Cost
One litter mineral water cost will be nearly BDT-30.00
650ML one bottle of beer cane from a wine shop will be cost nearly BDT-150 to 160.00
Lunch and dinner cost in a local restaurant nearly 200 BDT is sufficient for one persoan.
Normal breakfast will be BDT 100 is more than sufficient,

Western foods like lunch dinner or breakfast are the different cost compare with restaurant and hotel.

In Nepal normal local hotel to five star hotels are available as per your budget, we are trying here show you a minimum cost details for your hassle free travels in Nepal.

Money or Currency
Changing money is very difficult but not impossible, it would be best if have enough money when you come in. Nepali rupee’s notes are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50,100, 500, and 1000. For a small amount 1000 note change is too difficult, so it will be a great idea if you could carry a smaller note for your shopping/traveling.

You can use your international Master Card or Credit cards in most of better range and mid range hotel and shopping mall. Standard Chartered Bank & the American Express (Amex) agent can find in Kathmandu.

Now your times to make a final costing for Nepal tours, as per our review with in BDT-1500.00 you can stay one day in Nepal, How many days you want to stay that subtotal will be your budget.

Make a plan we can help you for rest if need, we are always with you with better support with a better and experience teams. Before making plan pls think about ‘’Best times for Nepal tours’’

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