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Monpura Island Bhola, Bangladesh

monpura island

Bhola is the largest island district in Bangladesh. Monpura Island is separated to main Terrain from Bhola district. The natural beauty of monpura Island is really so charming. Monpura surrounded by green vegetation in the river of Meghna. It has a vast river, surrounded by fencing, paddy fields, and the gardens of large mangrove species. Monpura Upazila is favorite travel place both of local and foreign travelers. You can watch the island sunrise and sunset. It has also a landing station, Deer’s sanctuary and a chowdhury project.

Description of Monpura Island

monpura island

In 1833 Monpura was given a permanent settlement under Bhola district then it was upgraded to the upazila. The area of Manpura is 37 thousand 319 square meters, Union four, villages 38, population more than 10 million. Agricultural land 30 thousand 504 acres, forest land 11 thousand 119 square meters, 100 kilometers of forest on the road, 566 kilometers of the total road. The island also has Primary School 37, Secondary School 8, Madrasha 10, College 2, Literacy Rate 60percent, Mosque 110, temple 13, cyclone center 27, Bazaar 11, and tube well 550, standard 21 villages. Undeveloped Communication is the main problem in Manpura.

Beauty of Monpura Island

Millions of people live in Manpura upazila consist of 4 unions, on the Meghna front of the Bay of Bengal along 80 km southeast of Bhola Sadar district. Monpura Island is very old and attach with a memorial of Mia Zamir Shah. Once upon a time the Portuguese lived on the islands. It is seen as a sign of a tall-headed dog. Green Revolution has been formed in small and big 10 Pasture and forestry efforts in Monpura. In the winter season, hundreds of birds is chirping. Monpura Fisheries Ltd has developed two kilometers north-east from Manpura Sadar. A six kilometer long and 210-acre farmland can be developed as a tourist center.



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