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5 Extraordinary Places Milan Hides from you

5 Extraordinary Places Milan Hides from you, 5 Extraordinary Places, Extraordinary Places, Milan

Do you think that Milan can surprise only with the variety of old medieval buildings and extremely high prices in boutiques?
Well, both the first and the second affirmations can really surprise someone, but not those travelers who have already been to Milan several times.
So, if you want to discover the city from another side, we’ve prepared some outstanding and Top-secret places, which are located beyond the common tourist routes of Milan.5 Extraordinary Places Milan Hides from you, 5 Extraordinary Places, Extraordinary Places, Milan

  1. Lambrate Market
    If an incredible shopping in the most expensive boutiques and malls of Milan is not in your plans, but you want to bring back from a trip “something interesting and unique”, set off to the Lambrate train station.

Not far from the station there is a small inconspicuous market, where the prices will surprise and delight even the thriftiest tourists. For example, at the Lambrate Market you can buy stylish glasses just for 5 Euros, “brand” bag – just for 10 Euro.
Excellent leather belts, accessories and a lot of interesting souvenirs are also available at the most affordable prices. This lovely market is unfairly deprived of the tourist’s attention. You can stroll through its picturesque rows and then you can safely tell your friends that you had a memorable shopping in Milan.

Address: Viale della Remembranze di Lambrate
GPS Position: 45.482852, 9.241268
Working hours: Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

  1. The Sauna-Tram
    Have you ever enjoyed the sauna effect in the tram? No, it’s not about a memorable trip in a crowded tram in the hottest summer day, but about the high-class sauna, which is made in a real tram.

5 Extraordinary Places Milan Hides from you, 5 Extraordinary Places, Extraordinary Places, MilanIt’s provided by the QC Termemilano that also offers a full range of wellness- and spa-procedures. Sauna Tram del Benessere doesn’t differ from the ordinary sauna – it’s divided into two parts: the first one is an excellent steam room (the temperature is 60°-100°C) with wooden benches, stove and charcoal, and the second – is a relaxation room with dressing room, refrigerator and sofas.
Actually, it is very cool when you can relax in the sauna and at the same time enjoy wonderful views of Milan’s attractions from the windows of the tram.

Address: Piazza Madaglie D’Oro, 2
GPS Position: 45.451890, 9.201471
Working hours: Mon-Tue 09.30 am -11 pm, Fri 09.30 am – midnight, Sat 08.30 am – 0.30 am, Sun 08.30 am -11 pm
Admission: Mon-Fri 45€, weekends and holidays 50€; daily after 5.30 pm – 38€, weekends and holidays 42€; daily after 7.30pm – 34€, weekends and holidays 38€

  1. The Sforzesco Castle
    If you like to explore the most unusual sights and want to spend some time away from the busy streets of Milan – go to the Castello Sforzesco. This is an exclusive place where you can enjoy a fascinating tour of the mysterious ancient catacombs.
    It’s interesting to know that very recently, when the scientists researched the ancient castle, they have found an ancient tunnel connecting two buildings. This unique tour has not gained great fame yet, so because of this it’s visited by only a few travelers a day. Without a doubt, a walk through the underground passage lighted by old torches will be a really unforgettable adventure.
    In addition, you’ll also find the Church of Maria delle Grazie not far from the old castle – the storage of the most famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci “The Last Supper.”

Address: Piazza Castello
GPS Position: 45.469878, 9.181725
Working hours: Mon-Sun 7am-7pm in summer, 7am-6pm in winter
Admission: 3€ for tour

  1. Piazza Wagner Market5 Extraordinary Places Milan Hides from you, 5 Extraordinary Places, Extraordinary Places, Milan
    Want a tasty meal for cheap? Well, set off to the Piazza Wagner Market to give the final answer to your hunger! This is the most extensive grocery market in Milan.
    A leisurely walk through it will be a good alternative to expensive restaurants. Only at this place you can taste an excellent Parma ham and Burato, enjoy amazing seafood delicacies, which are cooked directly in the market.

It’s always incredibly interesting to stroll along the spacious and colorful rows of Piazza Wagner, because there is a huge selection of vegetables and exotic fruits, and a selection of seafood is even the best in the city.
The main thing is that most sellers generously offer to taste their foods – so, be sure that you won’t leave the market hungry.
Address: Piazza Ricciardo Wagner
GPS Position: 45.468202, 9.156327
Working hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sunday-closed

  1. The Church of San Bernardino
    Well, this is a wonderful sight if you’re missing “extreme” and want to visit the most terrible place in Milan. At first glance it seems that it’s just a common church, but actually, it hides an awful secret – during the construction of its interior the walls were tiled with human bones and skulls.
    Long time ago this old building was used as a tomb for the dead, but later it was converted into a church. In short, the decor of the old church, to put it mildly, is just impressive.

Address: Via Verziere, 2
GPS Position: 45.462331, 9.194854
Working hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-6pm, Sat-Sun 7.30am-12am
Admission: free

As you can see, these sights are quite unusual for Milan, but it’s a perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at the city. We’ve given you all the necessary coordinates, so you can easily reach all these places using a rental car with GPS Navigator. Cheap rental cars are available at Malpensa Airport , where you can select any vehicle you like according to your preferences.

So, get ready to enjoy the most extraordinary trip to Milan!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer and specializes in finding the best and brightest things to do, while you travel in different cities of the world.


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