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Awesome and interesting places to visit in the Middle East

Middle east is full of interesting places and it offers a lot to experience for the tourists. From historic places to new and innovative tourist attractions, Middle East has it all. From the rich historical places of Turkey and Egypt to the innovative wonders of Dubai, I love the displays of history and the sight of work of ancient times me. It never seizes to amaze what the people hundreds of years before us left on the face of planet earth and what mysteries their ruins have locked inside them. The fact that we are going to be history too one day is what makes those ruins even more appealing to visit.

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Talking about the rich history, the first country that comes to everyone’s thought is Egypt. The Pyramids of Cairo are world famous and we all have been listening to how amazing they are but that not all. There ainteresting placesre other very interesting places in Egypt as well. Given that the Egyptians had unique customs and rituals, their remains are also unique for that matter. The museum of Egypt is what I would suggest to everyone to visit at least once. The coffins and mummies are a blend of intense art and science that hardly few could even imagine in those times. Along with this, the Temple complex of Karnak in Egypt is the wonder in itself with huge pillars and corridor of sphinxes. If you are in Egypt and do not visit this place then you have missed a lot.

Turkey is, what I call the perfect blend of all types of places one would want to go to. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey is one of the best work pieces of architecture and who doesn’t admire Turkish architecture. Along with this, Pamukkale is the most soothing, interesting places and amazing interesting placeswork of nature that I have come across. This ‘Cotton Castle’ has hot springs that are rich in calcium oxide. This water has over time deposited white chalk on the plateau such that it gives the whole place a very different pure white look. As soothing as it is, the sunset in this area is also worth seeing. The top of these plateaus have ruins of a Roman city.

The fun filled experience of floating weightlessly in the Dead Sea of Jordan is something you wouldn’t want to miss in life. It is a whole new level of enjoyment second to none if you love water and beaches. The resorts surrounding this area are also very good.

Coming to the more modern side of sites worth visiting, the mosque of Abu Dhabi and the laser show conducted outside thisinteresting places mosque are both astonishing. Not just this but the world famous, Burj Khalifa, Burj al-Arab and Palm Jumeirah of Dubai are the most immense of the mega Projects of this era. The whole city has been turned upside down in all the good sense. It has every kind of entertainment and one of the biggest attractions of tourists in the world. Along with these man-made wonders of Dubai, desert, safari is one of the most thrilling adventures I have had coupled with the traditional belly dance experts to entertain you to the most. Not to forget, the Ferrari Roller coaster that will blow your mind being the fastest of all.

There are still a lot of places yet to be explored in the Middle East and I am sure no matter how much you explore Middle east, it will still have something new each time to amaze you.

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Ali Jan Qadir is passionate about art, food and fitness. He loves to shares things he has learned by experience. He is a contributor for various travel blogs, where he writes about places to visit and places to live like Abu Dhabi . If you want to learn more about him visit his twitter or Google+ profile.


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