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Famous Temples to Visit in Sri Lanka

Famous Temples to Visit in Sri Lanka, Famous Buddhist temples in sri lanka, Famous Hindu Temples in sri lanka,

Famous Temples to Visit in Sri Lanka, Famous Buddhist temples in sri lanka, Famous Hindu Temples in sri lanka,Sri Lanka prides famous temples itself due to the fact that it hosted a great amount of religious worship centers for some of the world’s renowned religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Good news for those hoping to travel to the country is that the number of Holidays the country observes is great, and the people are out to enjoy every one of them. Working hours have also been minimized with most businesses closing as early as 6:00 PM to give more time to pay temples a visit.

Buddhist Famous temples
Sri Lanka is known to be the most sacred worship place for followers of the Buddhist faith.
a)Dalada Maligawa Temple
– Located in Kandy, it is home to one of the most sacred object of Buddhist worship, the Tooth Relic.
-Kandy which is also considered to be the heart of Sri Lanka, also hosts the White Buddha monument.
b) Dambulla Cave Temple
– This famous site is also called the Golden Temple of Dambulla, and is considered a world heritage.
– It is found in the central parts of Sri Lanka, North of Kandy and East of Clombo.
– This is the most preserved and the largest famous temples in the country, standing at 160m above the plains in the area with more than 80 known caves.
– Its main attractions are found in at least five cave: these include paintings and statues that are attached to the Buddha’s life.
– Among these are 153 statues of Buddha statues, 3 statues of kings of Sri Lanka and 4 other statues of gods and goddesses.
c) Matara Weherahena Temple

-This famous Buddhist worship site is located south of Colombo making it a site to visit since it is near a major city.
– What makes it stand out is that the entrance is through an underground passage but the exit is situated on the Buddha’s side.
– The Buddha statue is 39 meters high.

2) Hindu Famous Temples
a) Koneswaram Temple
– Also known as Thirukonamalai Temple, The Temple of the Thousand Pillars and Dakshina-Then kailasam.
– This old medieval pilgrimage center for the Hindus is located in Trincomalee, in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.
– It combines the designs of Pallava, Chola, Pandyan and Jaffna that show Tamil Saivite’s dominance in this part of the world during the classic period.
– With location it’s meant to symbolize the crowning of the flow of River Ganges that flows from the head of Shiva on Mount Kailash.
– Thought to be the most outstanding architectural work of its time, it has a hall with 1000 pillars. its massive work of sculpture is adorned with black granite and golden plates.
b) Sri Kailawastanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil Temple
– This is known to be the biggest and the oldest Hindu temple in Colombo, located behind the Fort Railway Station thus making it easy to reach.
– Structurally it is appealing to the eyes with its monumental towers and colorful ornaments in hundreds.
On a visit to Sri Lanka for any reason, one of the activities to be done is to visit such temples that are not just places of worship but an insight this to regions rich history. With a Sri Lanka Visa comes a pass to color beauty and history that is hugely impressive.



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