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Chera dip, Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh

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chera dip

In principal Chera dip is a part of Saint Martin, and covers all the sea water surrounded of this land.  From the islands of the sea when the tide waters are going any one can go by walk to Cheradip, There is boat arrangement to Chera dip on every day morning, by nearly BDT-200.00 any one can go & come back. The cost will be up & down trip.

Cheradip tours are trouble destination for the communication and all others tourist facilities, but have lot of adventure, if you stay at night.

There is some reason why we will visit The Chera dip at 27.03.2014 for our Saint Martin tours. Some reason have been given below what may you can choice to visit the place, some are below

  1. There is no peoples in Chera dip, no hotel motel or restaurant, it’s totally a natural place in Bangladesh yet where can go peoples. There is no place like Cheradip.
  2. Chera dip is the Last South edge area of Bangladesh,
  3. The large bigger stone place and dead coral filling surrounded in Cheradip. And more think is
  4. Saint Martin is the only one coral islands of our country.

So why should not you go there, if you are in Saint Martin?

Where to Sleeve in Saint Martin? Don’t worry there are so many hotel motel resort to make your sleeve properly. Click here

Now make you plan and all the best,

Akash Mahamud

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