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Business class ticket via Travel Concierge

If you are someone who travel quite often by air either for business or pleasure then you would be well aware of the fact that flying first class can save a lot of time with very little discomfort if any with all the amenities. One cannot travel firs class all the time and landing a cheap or business class ticket can be hard work. Many people are unaware of the fact that it is possible to get tickets at less than the fares advertised by the airlines. Concierge service can be useful and it can help make the travel hassle free. Travel concierges offer quite a lot of benefits especially for last minute business class travelers:

Following are some of the services offered by travel concierges:

  • Check in help
  • Luggage concierge
  • Bookings at hotels
  • Flight notifications
  • Airport Transfers
  • Custom Clearance
  • Fast track immigrations
  • Flight bookings

Benefits of travel concierge to your business class ticket

Cheaper Flights: Travel concierges have inside information or access to databases of airlines handling travel routes and can help you get cheaper tickets. They also have information regarding discounted fares from different airlines, which allows their clients to enjoy business class and saving money at the same time.

Save Precious Time: Travel concierges also provide help with checking in and customs, therefore making the entire process hassle free and fast. You will not have to wait in long clearance queues and cheque in queues. All the assistance with your luggage and airport transfers will give you a true VIP experience.

Booking at the last minute: Business class tickers are very difficult to get at the last minute, but travel concierge can make sure of that without any extra charges.

One-way tickets: these can also be hard to get at times and that too at a short notice. They can make sure of this too.

With all this in mind, you can also enjoy a VIP experience if just for one-way business class experience by making good use of travel concierge. At times, they will be able to get you a ticket for a discount as much as 70%.  All of this will only make your travel a lot more comfortable and hassle free, with the right amount of rest and also some time for you get some of your work done if you are one of those who like to get their work done rather than sleeping all the way through.

Akash Mahamud

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