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The amazing lovely beauty at bijoypur durgapur

Susang Durgapur, Birishiri, Bijoypur Camp, Netrokona

The Post title may make you question where this amazing lovely beauty place Bijoypur durgapur?. Do you know about Netrokona? It’s nearly 160KM from Dhaka and the Bijoypur durgapur is a natural place is here. You may know about Birishiri, Susang Durgapur its about 182 km from Dhaka, the place was a

Bijoypur Durgapur

Susang Durgapur, Birishiri, Bijoypur, Netrokona

…………………………………. who visit he can know how real natural beauty of forest river & hills area where the Garos and other tribal live here.


Very recently (yesterday 07.11.2014, Friday) Mizan and his team was visit the place and enjoy Landscape Beauty. Some of picture we have added here for your reference. This Video will help you to get some idea.

How to go?
from Dhaka you can go by Bus or private service.
Bus cost will be BDT-150.00 to BDT-220.00

Other foods cost as much as you can but best to bring some dry foods with you.

What to See

  • Birishiri ceramic hill.
  • Shomeshwari River,
  • Ethnic Museum,
  • The river and its cool water will make you enjoyable moment and you can enjoy by boat too.
  • Forest, river and hills are living together to say you welcome.


Akash Mahamud

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