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7 Best Traveling Places Bangladesh to visit

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Best Traveling Places Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh is situated at the center of the Bengal Delta particularly on River Buriganga. It is the biggest commercial center of the country. With a population of 15 million, it is number 8 on the list of most populous cities in the world. It hosts some of the most famous national buildings, ruins and monuments in Asia. Additionally, the rich culture and diversity of the country is exhibited by Dhaka. Now a days Dhaka is one of the best traveling places Bangladesh.

  1. Archeological sites

The Department of Archeology of Bangladesh is in charge of some ancient sites in Dhaka. The Bara Katra monument was built in 1645 to house Shah Shuja, the son of the then Emperor Shah Jahan. It is an expensive building of great architecture and design. This and other medieval residences are no longer occupied and remain national museums. it is one of the best traveling places Bangladesh.

  1. Tea gardens Valley.

Dhaka and its neighboring area are home to large fields of tea that extends beyond the horizon. Nicknamed “light land of two leaves and a bud” the Surma Valley is an extensive attraction in North-Eastern Bangladesh that extends to the neighboring Indian State of Assam. It is a tropical rain forest where the green crops are commercially grown. You are sure to find exotic wild animals on the trail of adventure. In addition, there are local and migratory birds. To add on the already mesmerizing experience, you will come across traditional tribes.

  1. Monuments and religious buildings

One of the notable ancient structures is the Khan Mohammad Mridha’s Mosque. Here, you will find amazing culture of the people, including old scriptures and religious texts. It was built in 1705. The other leading monument is Sat Gumbad Mosque.

  1. Longest natural beach in the world

Measuring some 125 kilometers, the Cox’s Bazar is easily the longest uninterrupted beach with natural sand. It is not too far from the town of Chittagong. It is a major tourist site for anyone who wants to bask in the sun. It has a gentle slope where tourists like to play beach volleyball and soccer. During the summer, it can get overwhelmed with tourist looking for leisure and adventure. You will be pleasantly be mesmerized by the sun setting in the horizon. The beach boys who sell curios and other wares are friendly.

  1. Hilly Area

Rangamati & Bandarban are the hilliest area in Bangladesh in Chittagong District, if not visit Potanga beach then you will miss something.

Best Traveling Places Bangladesh

Golden Temple, Bandarban

  1. Cultural events and festivals

The people of Bangladesh, led by the government occasionally come together to celebrate their unique diversity. These include the PohelaBaishakh, the first day of Bengali calendar. It is one of the many occasions that are religiously observed by both men and women, who wear distinctive clothes especially for the event. Many tourists go to witness the large numbers of people in colorful spectacle on the streets.

There are modern five star hotels and shopping centers to make your stay in Bangladesh comfortable. Dhaka is a great place to take your family and friends for a holiday. The Turkish visa provides you a genuine deal to reach these wonderful places and do exciting thing while experiencing life in different places.

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