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Beautiful World Heritage Spots in Malaysia

Susang Durgapur, Birishiri, Bijoypur Camp, Netrokona

Malaysia, the country that offers pretty much anything for anyone – white sand beaches where one can sip on cocktails and watch the sunset, beautiful small towns with amazing food, enormous jungles perfect for hiking and a vibrant capital that never sleeps, Kuala Lumpur.


Some of these places are so special that they are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. This article lists down the four cultural and natural heritage places of Malaysia for you to visit. So sit back, read about all the must see’s and you can start planning your trip to these wonderful sites soon.


The capital of Penang Island, Georgetown, has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 2008. Georgetown, along with Malacca, is one of the only complete surviving historic cities in Malaysia.

What to see there

Street Art

This heritage place is home to some amazing streetart which, in first instance, was created to celebrate the town that became part of the World Heritage List. However, the street art became so popular that it is still here and definitely worth having a look at. You can find this all over Georgetown.


Blue Mansion
world heritage


‘Blue Mansion’ is one of Georgetown’s historic buildings and now one of Penang’s most popular heritage hotels. It was built in the 1880’s and blends western with asian designs. A guided tour to have a look inside this unique heritage hotel would be interesting.

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion

This mansion is a typical home of the Peranakans. The community had a unique lifestyle and customs. Their rich legacy of antiques and cultural influences can still be seen in Penang today. This museum, situated in one of Georgetown’s heritage mansions, recreated a typical Peranakan house to show how the community lived.


Where to eat

Among Malaysians, Penang is known as the food island. There are many food courts and food stalls where everyone comes together. Pay a visit to New Lane Hawker Centre or Gurney Drive. These are very popular hawker centers in Penang where the choices for food are endless.

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Malacca is a world heritage place since 2008. The nice thing about Malacca is that everything is nearby. The town may be small, but it is rich in history, offers amazing foods and fun activities for tourists.

What to see there


Melaka History and Ethnography

Learn everything about the colonial years of Malacca in the Melaka History and Ethnography Museum. Next to the museum is the Christ Church of Malacca, one of the famous buildings in this heritage place.


Bicycle Taxi’s

You will see a sight of colorful themed bicycle taxi’s everywhere in Malacca. These taxis are decorated in different themes such as Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Spiderman, Frozen and most taxi’s will even have some music blaring on their bicycle. Get ready for a unique tour through town.


Menara Sari Tower

For spectacular views over Malacca and the surrounding areas, pay a visit to the Menara Sari Tower, reaching a height of over 80 meters.

Where to eat

Jonker Street is the place to be if you are looking for some great street food. At night, the whole street transforms into a food heaven. If you feel more like visiting a restaurant, take a look at the restaurants at the Malacca river, for examples the Dutch Harbour Cafe, who will offer you a relaxing view over Malacca river while you enjoy their famous huge burgers.


The archaeological heritage of Lenggong Valley

This valley is mainly known for the Perak man: the most complete & oldest skeleton in Southeast Asia. Four archaeological areas were listed by UNESCO in 2008.


Where to go

Kota Tampan

The best site to visit is Kota Tampan. The site has open-air cave sites where you can follow paleolithic tool workshops. Kota Tampan is also near the archaeological museum in the valley.


Lenggong Archaeological Museum

This museum is located at the site of Kota Tampan and displays the historic findings in the area. Have a look at the tools and human remains of over thousands of years old.


At this moment, the museum of Lenggong Valley is under construction. It is expected to open on 31 May 2017.


Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Park covers 75,370 ha and is located in the State of Sabah in Borneo. This park is a heritage place since year 2000. The park has a high number of naturally functioning ecosystems and it contains over 5000 vascular plant species. It also has the majority of Borneo’s birds, mammals, invertebrates and amphibians.


What to see there


Climb Kinabalu Mountain

With a height of 4,095 meters, this is one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia. Even though the mountain is one of the highest, it is also known to be one of the easiest to climb. However, you need to be fit in order to reach the top.



Kinabalu Park offers trekking through the beautiful park. With the many species and plants that can be found here, this will definitely be an amazing experience.


Poring Hot Springs

After all those climbs or trekkings, pay a visit to the Poring Hot Springs where you can soak your sore muscles in the warm and therapeutic waters. Other water attractions are the cold ‘rock pool’ and the swimming pool (fee expected) which includes water slides.


This park is also a world heritage site since year 2000 and is located in Sarawak, Borneo. It is known for its karst features and high biodiversity. The karst features in this park are the most studied karst areas in the world.


What to see there

Night walk

Discover a new side of the rainforest during the night. Watch the fireflies above you while you move silently through the forest, looking out for animals who hide during the day and is active at night.


Pinnacles of GunungMulu

This 3 day 2 nights tour will take you to the pinnacles of GunungMulu. The tour to the pinnacles is challenging and not suitable for children below 16 years old. This part of the park rises high above the surrounding areas, reaching heights of 40 to 50 meters.


Clear Water Cave & Cave of the Winds

These tours are led by guides from World Heritage which starts from the Melinau River in a longboat, cruising your way to the caves. Be prepared for a unique caving experience!


Reservation for the activities above is recommended. For more information visit


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