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4 Best Luxury Eco Resorts In Vietnam

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Vietnam, the beautiful Southeast Asian country, is well known for magnificent and pristine nature. This is where you find truly Eco tourism at luxury Eco resorts, where you interact with the nature; enjoy its untouched authentic beauty. In 4 the luxury Eco resorts below, you will see how Vietnam tourism, protecting their green and diverse nature:

  1. Charming Topas Ecolodge in Sapa townluxury Eco resorts

Concerning about both Eco and design-led green tourism with stilt-house systems, in Topas Ecolodge, solar panels are solely used to produce electricity and heat the water as well. Amazingly, all their meals, using fresh vegetables and ingredients grown in an isolate farm make you savor the bouquet of diverse hill tribes. Topas Ecolodge, located on a magnificent hilltop in the spectacular Sapa valley of Northern Vietnam, exactly a secluded paradise to relax in and enjoy. Rooted ideas to build this Eco-friendly resort is to save our polluted planet and create an unpredictable vacation in a dreamlike heavenly.

Among the range of activities on offer is biking or doing a Home stay to explore deeper the intriguing traditional customs of ethnic minorities of Black Hmong, Tay and Red Dao. More than an excursion, hiking in a remote part of Sapa Valley is a great opportunity to discover a completely different world of marvelous untouched nature and bewitching tribal culture. Blissfully sheltered by Primitive Nature with panoramic views, Topas Ecolodge must be a perfect combination between Eco-friendly tourism and preserved environment.

The Unique Forest Floor Lodge in Cat Tien National Park

The Forest Floor Lodge, one among the best luxury Eco resorts in Vietnam, occupies breathtaking views of pristine nature. The Vietnamese wooden houses built from the local bamboo, the main material-buildings allow the cool breezes to pass through. It is the fact that all accommodations are sophisticatedly designed at low-impact on the environment.

Out of the hectic city life, nature enthusiasts have a number of exotic outdoor activities, including seeing sun bears, butterflies, geckos and gibbons and visiting the crocodile lake as well. The nearby concrete footpaths are lined a plenty of colorful flowers like a vivid heaven deserve to live. Bird watching, a typical exciting excursion in Cat Tien National Park, is proud of extraordinary discovery to close to the sounds of nature and catch in sight of genuine wildlife.

At Exotic Voyages, our travel experts consider Forest Floor Lodge as a real image of rural Vietnam lifestyle with diversified biology and concord authentic nature.

Bewitching Six Senses Con Dao Resort in Con Dao island

Exploring from the North down to the coastline of the South of Vietnam, Six Senses Con Dao Resort is executed to improving the ecological systems in stunning beaches. Emerging from the sand dunes, the first five-star Eco resort illustrates the traditional fishing villages as well as protecting the pristine environment based on the Bay Protection Program.

Have you ever discovered the undersea world? Scuba diving, for both beginners and professional divers, is a great chance to explore the uninhabited colorful coral islands. With unique, exciting excursions such as trekking, fishing, hiking to Bay Canh Lighthouse, Six senses resort on Con Dao island deserves to be an incredible haven among nature with a natural architectural style. There are enough here to keep you occupied for weeks.

Glamorous Cat BA Ecolodge in Ha Long Bay

Formerly Suoi Goi Resort, beautifully set in mysterious limestone rocks in Halong bay, Cat BA Ecolodge definitely is a key to unlock the gateway to the extravaganza destination. Contemporary constructed in harmony with gorgeous nature, Cat BA Eco-lodge offers you simple but comfortable lodges in a natural and an incredible cliff faced the valley in diverse biodiversity.

A free cooking class, within 7 hectare garden with luxuriant fruit orchards, proffers you knowledge of Vietnam traditional cuisines. In additionally, taking part in some fascinating outdoor activities is the best choice. Hiking, rock climbing or trekking on the Cat BA Island is absolutely an extraordinary experience to explore the immense dramatic hills and dense forests in a picturesque outlook. In remaining with the charming surroundings, everlasting highlights of idyllic landscapes and natural architecture satisfy you a lot.

To put it in the nutshell, you surely open your hearts to the immense alluring sights and perceive the better natural lifestyle in your Vietnam travel. Without majestic skyscrapers or noisy malls, 4 best luxury Eco resorts in Vietnam conquer all tourism addicts, even the fastidious visitors, by their spectacular nature on the Eco-tourism purpose.


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