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10 Must Visit Indian Market for A Great Bargain on Souvenirs

anjuna market

10 Must Visit Indian Market: Traveling gives your life a new start, as post a vacation you have new experiences residing in your thoughts, which were not there earlier. Traveling to new, mysterious places helps you know more about mother nature as well as serves as the source of information and learning for some. And some trips are planned to experience the charm of much-explored heritage of a famous tourist destinations, you always wanted to visit!

When you are on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime trip’, you buy souvenirs as a memory of the wonderful times you spent there. Therefore, it is obvious that the souvenirs should also define your trip at first glance. And almost every place in India, which is on your travel-list,is equipped with centuries old markets from where you can buy these palpable memories, staying with you for life. Plus, if you are in India, every place is open for some bargain. So, in case you are planning an adventurous getaway to India and happen to cross these places, do stop at these markets to get hold of some affordable as well as special gifts for your loved ones.

Nehru Market, Jaipur

jaipur marketContaining the true essence of Indian culture, Rajasthan sure is one stop destination for all your souvenir needs. The famous Nehru bazaar in Jaipur will serve as a destination where you can buy items such as jootis and traditional Rajasthani wear at unbelievably low prices. You can go for a stole in ‘Bandhani’, ‘Leheriya’, or ‘Sanganeri’ print to add that ethnic Rajasthani touch to your wardrobe. Other than that, gifts you can buy for your family members include jute bags, handicraft items or showpieces each of which will contain within itself the true vibe of Rajasthan.

Gadolia Market, Varanasi

varanasi market
Situated around 3 kilometers away from the Varanasi station, this is one of the oldest markets in this city. Located almost in front of the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir, this market spread in a narrow lane has shops lined up on both sides. You will find everything from silk sarees to handicrafts items at quite affordable rates. You need to have the eye for details as well as a definite bargaining skill. Each of the luxurious and or daily need items such as bangles, shoes, bracelets, etc. can be bought at half the price quoted by the shopkeepers.

Aminabad, Lucknow

Aminabad Lucknow
Again, a popular shopping destination for both tourists as well as local people, Aminabad in Lucknow does serve twofold purposes. This location in the heart of Uttar Pradesh is a great place to buy ‘Chikan’ suits and sarees. The intricate designs, as well as great attention to detail,do make it one of the finest souvenirs for anyone. Though a speciality of Lucknow, the ‘chikan’ items would be available at throwaway prices, provided you have the necessary bargaining skills. And once you are tired enough do try the ‘tunde kebabs’ which are delicious as well as completely rejuvenating.

Ima Market, Imphal

ima market imphal
A true example of women empowerment, Ima Market in Imphalis a market which is completely controlled by women. With around 30,000 women sellers this market has much to offer in terms of souvenirs. Literally translating to mother’s market, this market has utensils, baskets made of cane and handicrafts made by local people. With products sold to their true value, you can here, crack a good deal if you wish to purchase bulk items.

Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla

lakkar bazar
A popular wood market as the name says it, Lakkar Bazaar in Shimla is one exciting and intriguing place to be in. Consisting of numerous wooden made items intricately designed and crafted, the Lakkar market is surelyone-stop destination for souvenir shopping. You can find items such as pendants, wood crafts and showpieces beautifully made from wood. And if you want more than there are shawls and other textiles available for sale.

Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

laad bazar
A heaven for women, LaadBazaar, is a bangle street located in the state of Telangana. This place which is located very near to Charminar does showcase splendid bangle styles for women available at a very affordable price. You will find a huge variety of bangle styles suiting each one of your tastes. Apart from this, you can also find designer sarees and jewellery complementing them.

Anjuna Market, Goa

anjuna market
A popular destination for souvenir shopping Anjuna market in Goa does have some of the finest items available for taking back to your family and friends. Although most of the items here are imported from states such as Rajasthan, there are a few handicrafts and paintings which are made locally. You can get some unique artificial jewellery of funky outfits at prices which won’t dig deep into your pocket.

Kitsch Mandi, Bangalore

bangalore market
A place filled with creativity and art, Kitsch mandi is a place where local artists do come and sell their art. A popular flea market, a must visit inBangalore, Karnataka, this place does have some of the finest pieces of art being sold at throwaway prices. So, in case, you wish to take a splendid artwork back as a souvenir then this is your place to be.

Kotwali Bazaar, Dharamshala

dharamshala market
While you are taking a trek up north, do not forget to stop by this market, when in Dharamshala. A famous Tibetan market this place will serve you most unique items you are unlikely to find anywhere else. There are items such as the Buddhist coins or symbols bringing in peace and tranquillity in thehome they are placed, which would serve as a great souvenir and you can gift it too.

Chowringhee Lane, Kolkata

kolkata market
Moving down east, we find the famous Chowringhee Lane of Kolkata, which is the flea market for all kinds of local handicrafts and goods such as utensils, textiles, clothing, accessories, etc. The best part about this market is that the products aren’t imported and are instead locally made before being finally sold to tourists. Each souvenir is available at affordable price and can be used to increase your home’s ethnic appeal.

So, these were the 10 markets you can visit if you wish to crack amazing souvenir deals without giving up on quality. If you know of any more such bargaining destinations selling amazing items, do let us know in the comment section below.

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Himanshu is a travel lover, with great interest in India’s ethnicity and cultural diversity. Working with, he visits anew destination, meets new people and gets to know about their lifestyle and culture.

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